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"You are the last line of defense!"

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if an attacker got past you and then to your family? We have. Our family and loved ones are the most precious things we have...IRREPLACEABLE!

This is why we do what we do!

Now you can do it too. Our certified instructors have many years of experience and come from many different backgrounds. They will teach you how to survive an attack no matter your age, size, strength or skill level. Get the training to better equip yourself so that you can protect the ones you love.

If you go down, they go down!

We offer six different programs to suit your needs.

1. 5 WEEK PROGRAM - This program consists of 15 hours of hand to hand self protection, including avoidance, stand up and ground survival. We also incorporate situational awareness along with defensive knife training, weapon disarmament and weapon retention. Minimum of 4 per class.

2. 5 WEEK PRIVATE PROGRAM - Our private program consists of the same training as the above. But this one is geared towards those that want to train with family and/or friends. Minimum of 2 per class.

3. ONE DAY SEMINAR - Here we focus primarily on situational awareness and hands on training. Packed in to a 6-8 hour class there is a lot to learn. Minimum of 6 per class.

4. WOMEN'S SELF PROTECTION - This course is geared towards women and what they might face in an attacker. We provide three different levels with each  progressing in training. 3-4 hours per class. Minimum of 10 per class.

5. ANTI-BULLY PROGRAM - For school aged children from 1st grade through 12th. We talk to the kids about being bullied and even being the bully. We demonstrate some tactics that could deescalate a situation and we also reinforce the importance of talking to someone about any bully problems.

6. CHILD ABDUCTION PREVENTION - This program is for children AND parents. This is an informational program that is FREE OF CHARGE. Lots of great information on how to prevent an abduction and what to do if one does occur.

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