matt flanary

Matt L. Flanary, GM

8th Dan Black Belt

Head Instructor

Founder and Master of Bin Son Jeontu, Matt Flanary began studying martial arts in 1982. His training soon included several different traditional arts that were combined and taught to law enforcement agencies, and soon after expanded to the general public as one style. His teachings focus primarily on quick and effective techniques for real life situations.


In 2013 Master Flanary was officially recognized as the founding father of Bin Son Jeontu, giving him the authority to set the footprint for his art. Given the ability to claim his style as a martial art he now ranks his students as their training progresses.


Master Flanary's primary goal is to teach others the skills that he has learned over the years so that they may better protect themselves. Being prepared in a bad situation is the key.

hannah hosid

Hannah Hosid is a 2018 Lindale High School graduate in Lindale, Texas. Besides martial arts she was in the high school band and trained in cross country running. She is currently serving in the United States Air Force.

Miss Hannah, as she is addressed in the dojo, began her journey with us in January 2014. After proving herself she became a Junior Instructor, Assistant Instructor and after many hours in the dojo, training at home and pushing herself through each belt, she received her black belt in December 2016 and was certified as a full instructor. In December of 2017 she received her 1st Dan.

As a martial artist and instructor, Miss Hannah is great at what she does. She has been a true blessing to our students and our school.

Hannah Hosid

1st Dan Black Belt



Zack McIntyre is currently a junior in high school and has been homeschooled since 2014. Scoring among the top students in the nation, he plans to major in engineering. Zack spends his spare time enjoying archery and collecting board games. He is actively involved with TACHE and he loves volunteering in the community and within his church.

Mr. Zack has been studying the martial arts since 2014 and has been with TST Martial Arts since 2016. He has worked hard to claim his current rank and his leadership role with our school. He works well with all of our students, young and older.

His love and passion for the arts shines through, and it shows in his teaching and in his own training. Zack is a very passionate young man with a very bright future.

Zack McIntyre

Black Belt


mike ray

After training in many other different martial arts styles from the age of eight, Michael Ray joined our family in April 2017. Mr. Mike has quickly climbed his way to black belt and currently holds the title of Full Instructor within our school.

After serving 15 years with the United States Army, Mike served 3 years as a deputy sheriff. He is also a licensed firearms instructor and is currently a federal background investigator for east Texas. He also serves as the Secretary General for the International Bin Son Jeontu Federation.

Mike has proven to be a great fit with our school and is hoping to open and run his own Bin Son Jeontu dojo in the near future.

Michael Ray

Black Belt



Elijah Sanchez

Black Belt

Assitant Instructor

Rian Howard

2nd Brown Belt

Assistant Instructor


Adam Cremers

Red Belt

Jr. Instructor

Bin Son Jeontu