1. All potential new students must apply for enrollment by filling out an application.

2. If potential new students are younger than 18 years old the application must be completed by the legal guardian.

3. The application approval or denial process may take up to three (3) business days.

4. All potential new students 18 years old or older are subject to a background check.

5. Background checks will be conducted by a licensed private investigation company.

6. Criminal history findings are not an automatic denial for enrollment. TST Martial Arts Academy will determine approval or denial based on findings.


1. Students are categorized into three (3) different age levels with allotted spots in each level:

      a. Junior Level                            ages 4-9                   30 spots maximum

      b. Intermediate Level                  ages 10-17               25 spots maximum

      c. Senior Level                           18 and up                  25 spots maximum

2. Once a level has been reached to the maximum amount of students that level will be closed until a spot opens up.

3. Any student under the age of eighteen (18) must have a legal guardian sign all enrollment forms:

      a. First three (3) month contract

      b. Monthly agreement

      c. Release of liability

      d. Photograph and video release (optional)

      e. Notice of late payments

      f. Parent/Student agreement

      g. Letter of acknowledgement 

4. If a student and/or legal guardian remove themselves from enrollment the student loses their spot in their perspective age level.

5. If a student is self-removed and decides to return there must be a spot open for them. The student must then reapply for enrollment. 


1. All fees are non-refundable.

2. All fees are due by the 1st of each month. VERY IMPORTANT: If the 1st falls on a weekend, holiday or a day the school is closed, fees must be paid prior to the 1st.

3. There is an automatic late fee of $10.00 for any late payments.

4. If monthly fees are not paid by the 5th of the month the student will be automatically removed from enrollment and lose their spot.

5. There are no prorated fees. If a student misses class, for ANY reason, those hours can be made up at no additional charge.

6. TAKING TIME OFF: If a student wants to "take a break" with intentions of returning, 50% of the regular monthly training fee must be paid to insure their spot will still be available. If the fee is not paid the student will be removed from enrollment and their spot will become available to the next student.

7. If the student decides to discontinue training TST Martial Arts Academy MUST be notified seven (7) days prior to the fees being due. If notification is not made the student and/or legal guardian must pay 50% of the monthly training fee.


1. If a student is removed from enrollment and is then accepted back into the school an assessment will be conducted as to see what the student has retained. If necessary, belt rank may be adjusted to fit the student. Also, any incentive programs, leader or instructor positions, or such, will be null and void.

2. ALL dojo rules must be followed.

3. If a student does not train with an acceptable amount of motivation, respect and enthusiasm those training hours will be adjusted by the head instructor.

4. Students will not be eligible for testing until all requirements have been met. Including, nut not limited to; hours, techniques, attitude, motivation, attendance, etc...

5. Only head, full and assistant instructors will grade the belt tests.

6. All belt tests are held on Tuesdays. The testing student must be present on the Monday prior to testing. The full gi must be worn testing.

7. The school patch will be given to the student upon passing their yellow belt test. The school patch must be sewn to the gi at the time of the orange belt test.

8. Any student that portrays constant negative behavior, such as, but not limited to, rule infractions, disrespect, bullying, putting hands on another student, etc... , will be removed from enrollment.

9. The Junior Program consists of students from four (4) to nine (9) years old.

10. The Senior Program consists of students from ten (10) years old and up.

11. All instructors and/or black belts (Junior and Senior) must be a current member of the INTERNATIONAL BIN SON JEONTU FEDERATION (IBF). Any lapse in membership will result in termination of instructor certifications and will not allow the student to advance in black belt degrees.

12. There is ZERO tolerance of any student engaging in any illegal drug use. If it is proven that the student has engaged they will be removed from enrollment immediately. If illegal drugs are brought into the school, or on the property, by a student, parent and/or legal guardian, or visitor the proper authorities will be notified.

13. Students are only allowed to wear a solid white gi. White gi pants with an approved black t-shirt are allowed during training.

14. The gi does not have to be worn during sparring sessions.

15. No belt will be worn during sparring sessions.

16. Instructors and junior leaders are allowed to wear a black top with white pants or a white top with black pants.

17. Only black belts are allowed to wear a full black gi.

18. Only patches given by the head instructor will be approved for the gi.

19. If a student loses their belt another may be purchased from the school.

20. Students must purchase all training gear from the school to insure proper fit and protective standards. No outside gear or equipment will be allowed.

21. There will be NO exceptions to these policies to insure that the school is operated fairly and safely.